Student College Smart Card

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This project is developed to ease the work of students. The project involves a card which contains a barcode which is nothing but a unique card that is assigned to the student. This card can be refilled as and when required by the student with the help of admin. This card is useful for the student in places like library, canteen and stationary shops. When the card is inserted the unique id stored is scanned and accordingly cash is deducted from the student’s account. This card can be used to submit important documents that will be needed by the student for any of its work. This is done by scanning the unique id stored in the card which is the sent to the server where the student’s document is stored and is directly sent from the server wherever needed. Thus the user doesn’t have to carry its documents always. The student can use this card in library to pay fine and the amount of fine will be calculated depending on the information stored which is retrieved with the help of an ID stored in the card. Same way in case of stationary shop where the cash amount is deducted from the student’s account and same way in case of canteen. Thus the student just needs to carry the portable card. Thus this card is very beneficial for a student and makes many of its work easy.

  • The Student doesn’t have to carry its document always, all it needs to carry is the portable card.
  • There is no need for the student to carry cash. It just needs to refill its card via admin.
  • There can be case where the student ID may not be scanned properly due to some system error and thus the student may fail to make the payment or pay fine or may fail to submit important documents.

Note: The barcode scanner is not provided with this project. It is available locally in electronics shops. Please contact nevonprojects support team on details of barcode scanner.

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