Student Attendance with Fingerprint Reader

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This project uses a biometric concept to facilitate the attendance system in educational institutes. It uses the most reliable way of uniquely identifying students through fingerprint reading. Such type of application is very useful in school as well as in college for daily attendance. Through this application we can keep a systematic track of student’s attendance. This project enables the easy way of maintaining class attendance with fewer efforts.
It can be later implemented for the teaching staff.


  • The project requires a fingerprint reader for finger detection.
  • Every student can login to the system through finger detection.
  • The fingerprint of the student is compared with the one stored in database and if it matches then attendance is marked for that particular student.
  • The system also generates a brief report of attendance from the database according to subject-wise or date-wise as required.
  • A defaulter list can be generated through system.
  • Admin has the option to take a print of the reports and defaulter list thus generated.

Fingerprint Attendance System Software

  • Students will be more regular in attending their classes since now no password or no attendance sheet signature is required, so no friend or any other student can make an attendance on behalf of others as fingerprints are unique for every student.
  • Teachers do not need to waste their time approximately 15min of 1hour for taking attendance of students.
  • No need to maintain attendance sheet as the attendance are electronically stored in database.
  • The system helps the faculty to easily find out defaulters.
  • User may easily get attendance history of a particular student.
  • It saves time, cost, efforts and institute resources.
  • The only disadvantage is that every class requires a fingerprint reader to access the system.

Note: The fingerprint scanner is not included with the system, you can buy or rent it separately by contacting nevonprojects support team for details of fingerprint scanner.
Note: The fingerprint scanner is not included with the system, you can buy it separately by clicking on below button.

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