Stock loss Trigger Project

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A project based on stock market triggering which alerts the user on certain events in the stock market. The project allows users to set an alerting price for particular company prices. As the current company price reaches the higher or lower triggering price, the trigger is set and the user receives an email and sms alert about the particular event.

The project works as follows:

  • Various users may register, login and use the system.
  • The system stores user profile and data in an Sql database.
  • After login the user may check various company prizes.
  • He may then set higher and lower triggering bids for the company.
  • When the company current price rises above or draws below those triggering rates, the user receives an Sms as well as email notification about the event.

  • Users don’t have keep a constant track on the stock. He will directly get an email regarding the status of prices.
  • It will automate the task of brokers.
  • It saves time, manpower, and is cost-effective.
  • Saves organization resources.
  • User can view different companies prices.
  • It reduces employment as the human efforts are being automated by this system.

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