Social Network Privacy Using Two Tales Of Privacy Algorithm

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Privacy is very important in online social networks as a lot of critical information is being exchanged over the network. So there is a need for security in such applications. Thus this application adds a level of security by using encryption technique (AES-Advanced Encryption Standard) to ensure that the data is not readable over the network and this application also includes privacy settings to specify what should be accessed by whom. The system takes the password while the user registers and encrypts it using AES algorithm and stores in the database. When the user tries to log in into the system, the system fetches the password of the user Id specified and decrypts it using AES and if the password matches, the system allows access to the application. Privacy setting is also provided by the system which specifies which part of the profile should be accessed by who.


  • Privacy Setting- In this user of the system can do the privacy setting via which they specify as to which part of their profile should be accessed by who as there are 3 groups of friend list (Close friends, Acquaintances, Restricted list.
  • Add Friend- From here the user can add friends to their one of the groups to limit their access.
  • View Friend Request- The user of this system can even view the pending requests.
  • View Friend List- The user can even view the Close friend list, Acquaintances list, Restricted list.
  • Edit Profile- The users can even edit their profile details.
  • View & Edit Status- The user can even view the status of their friends and edit its own status.
  • Change Password- The user of the system can even change their password if required for security reasons.
  • Post and comments- Users can even put their own post on the wall and can even view their friend’s posts and can also comment on it depending on the privacy setting. That is which group is allowed to access the posts and comment on it.

  • As the password is encrypted using AES and stored in the database, there is no way of knowing the password even if an intruder gets access to the database.
  • With the help of privacy setting the users of the system can specify as to whether which part of the profile can be accessed by whom.
  • If the attacker comes to know about the password and the key used for encryption (key in this application is User Id), it can gain access to the application and may misuse it.

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