Signature Verification System

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Here we proposed a system where we normalize the signature image and system checks whether the signature matches with original signature. System applies image pre-processing steps. Image is converted to black and white image. Morphing technology is used in order to thin the image. By extracting black pixels, the curve of the signature is recognized. X and Y co-ordinates of original image is extracted. New co-ordinates are generated and signature is rotated by passing the new co-ordinates. After rotating the image, Signature might go out of the boundary therefore we calculated the moving co-ordinates of x and y. Finally, the image is cropped. This cropped image is compared with the theta value which is calculated during curve calculation. System checks whether the theta value is matched. If the theta values are approximate. System will display the result accordingly. System will provide result with accuracy 40%-60% depending on image quality, image lighting and image background.

  • Faster Result
  • Good Accuracy
  • Ease to use
  • Requires clear image for processing

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