Seo optimizer and suggester

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The seo optimization and suggestion consists of an entire search engine for analyzing and ranking websites and also suggesting seo tips. The search engine analyzes websites and ranks them accordingly. A website grading algorithm allows the search engine to appropriately read and access the website content. It analyzes and stores analytic data for various websites. This data is used to rank the website accordingly.

The seo suggestion page is used to provide seo tips for a website. The suggester consists of a website box to enter the website url. Once entered, the system crawls the website analyzes its data and provides appropriate solutions for optimizing it for better seo performance.

The software project points out various drawbacks in the website and provides tips solutions for the same.

  • The system provides accurate results and suggestions as per users need.
  • It also precisely describes the information that users are looking for.
  • The system gives results according to the best relations between the query asked and the information.
  • Thus makes user to search for requirements in a more organized way and easily.
  • Especially for website owners this system has a new feature whereby they get suggestions from it for various suitable keywords, titles, content etc for SEO purposes.
  • Admin just have to fed URLs and meta data of the website to the database and rest all is done by the system automatically.
  • Saves time as it provides results instantly.
  • Sometimes search engine give useless results that are not required by the users.
  • It may also mislead the users by providing wrong results for the query they have asked.

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