Sentiment Based Movie Rating System Php

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We often encounter online movie rating sites, where the admin manually rates the movie, depending upon the comments, ratings and reviews of the users. Sentiment based movie rating system is an online system that automatically allows users to post reviews and stores them to rate movies based on user sentiments. The system analyzes the stored data to check for user sentiments associated with each comment. This system consists of a sentiment library designed for English as well as Hindi sentiment analysis. The system breaks user comments to check for sentimental keywords and predicts user sentiment associated with it. Once the keywords are found, the comments are with a sentiment rank. The system gathers all the comments for a particular movie and then calculates an average ranting to score it. This score is generated for every movie in the system. The system also sorts and displays top rating movies as per analysis and calculate a top ten list automatically. This provides an automated movie rating system based on sentiment analysis.

  • Allows for automated movie rating system.
  • False rating cannot be entered since system calculates based on user comments.
  • It removes human errors that commonly occur during manual analysis.
  • The system provides an unbiased result.
  • Thus the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.
  • The system must be given proper inputs otherwise system can produce wrong results.
  • The system needs to be hosted on cloud to receive and process country wide results.

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