Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating

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Here we propose an advanced Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating system that detects hidden sentiments in comments and rates the product accordingly. The system uses sentiment analysis methodology in order to achieve desired functionality. This project is an E-Commerce web application where the registered user will view the product and product features and will comment about the product. System will analyze the comments of various users and will rank product. We use a database of sentiment based keywords along with positivity or negativity weight in database and then based on these sentiment keywords mined in user comment is ranked. Comment will be analyzed by comparing the comment with the keywords stored in database. The System takes comments of various users, based on the comment, system will specify whether the product is good, bad, or worst. Once user login the system he can view the product and product features. After viewing product user can comment about the product. User can also view comment of other user’s. The role of the admin is to add product to the system and to add keywords in database. User can easily find out correct product for his usage. This application also works as an advertisement which makes many people aware about the product. This system is also useful for the user’s who need review about a product.

  • User can easily share his view about the product.
  • People can easily decide whether the product posted is good or bad by using this application.
  • This application is more useful for the users who love to give review about the product.
  • Since system rates the product based on the weight age of the keywords in database, so the result is appropriate.
  • System will match the comment with those keywords which are in database rest of the words are ignored by the system.

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