Secure Backup Software System

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Using Software backup system, users can store files, documents, images, videos through windows application in a secured manner. In this user can store documents and files in any format which is kept in a separate folder made for each user. The stored folder is only accessible to the authorized users who can access their own folder. It’s a windows application, where all the file details store in SQL Database. If the user found to be unauthorized by the admin, then admin can block a user and also can unblock it whenever required.

  • The system uses secure way of OTP (One Time Password) while login.
  • Easily create a backup of any file by uploading it.
  • Ease to download the uploaded file.
  • Hackers won’t be able hack the system.
  • Secure and Robust.
  • Folder is created for every registered user which makes maintenance of files easy.
  • There might be delay in receiving the OTP if the network is disconnected.
  • Once the file is deleted, it can’t be recovered.

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