Salon management System

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A system for managing a hair salon. This system keeps track of employee salaries, inventory and customer data along with billing. This is a fully equipped system that alone manages the entire functioning of a hair salon. It maintains stock of inventory coming in. It also manages individual employee salary. The system is even equipped to manage customer billing and data storage.

The system works as follows:

  • Administrator may login to the system.
  • He may then manage and check employee salaries due date and payment to be made.
  • The system also keeps track of inventory coming in.
  • An employee login is also present for customer billing.
  • As the employee enters various services, the system calculates the bill and generates the bill.
  • This customer data is also separately stored in a database.

  • As the system is fully automated, it does not require human efforts in calculating bill and maintain customer’s detail.
  • Also it maintains records of all the employees along with their salary information so there would be systematic way of payment.
  • Saves efforts and time and it is cost-effective.
  • Requires large database
  • The admin has to manually manage the inventory section in the system like what item have been used or sold and what items are coming.

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