Real Estate Search Based On Data Mining Php

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This project helps the users to make good decisions regarding buying or selling of valuable property. Prior to this online system, this process involved a lot of travelling costs and searching time. Due to this system, the users can search for the required property online and get the property details depending on its preferences, which save both time and energy. This system includes property details like Address, space measurement (sq ft), number of BHKs, Floor, Property Seller name and its contact number plus email-id. The user can search property depending on the area that it wants in, number of washrooms, bedrooms, halls and kitchen. The system contains an algorithm that calculates the amount of loan that the user can take along with the percentage of cash that the user has to pay. This system allows the admin to enter details about the property and even delete the property details. Thus, this system helps to maintain good relationship between the buyers and the sellers of the property.

  • This system reduces searching time and eliminates travelling cost.
  • This system gives details of the property to the buyers depending on the preferences entered.
  • If server fails, system may not work properly.

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