Real Estate Booking System using Smart Contracts

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Nevon Blockchain project ideas
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We are living in the age of decentralization and the removal of middlemen. The digital era is slowly transforming and replacing traditional methods. The benefit of this new technology is that it aims toward the decentralization and removal of third parties. It enables payments to be sent directly between parties without the need for a financial institution, such as a bank, to act as a middleman.

Our Real-Estate booking System using Smart Contract blockchain technology could be applied to real estate transactions and minimize the need for third-party involvement. Blockchain technology could contribute to more efficient and transparent systems compared to traditional centralized solutions.

Our project allows users to book a property and make secure payments with the help of Smart Contracts. In cirrus’s core wallet, the admin creates an account for each user and updates the wallet information in their profile and the transaction is done using the Cirrus API. In this project, the front-end involves Html, CSS, and JavaScript and the back-end involves ASP.NET. The IDE used is Visual Studio and the database is MSSQL.

In this system, the admin has the authority to manage real estate and user details. The list of registered real estate and users will be displayed. From the list, they can view, approve, block and delete real estate and users. Feedback and ratings from real estate to users and user’s feedback to real estate can be viewed by the admin. The admin can view information about cirrus core and also the wallet details of real estate and users.

The real estate will need to register first for uploading property details and add its details to get a suitable use for it. They can view, add, update and delete the property details. They can also create, confirm and terminate the contract of token or partial payment of the flat. The real estate can view all the user details. All the previous transactions can be viewed as well as the rating and feedback from the user.

The user has to register their account for booking a property. All the properties that are available for bookings are listed and the user can apply a filter by amount range and location. The user can view the property details, deposit details and confirmation of the contract with its details. They can make payments such as tokens, partial payments, remaining balances etc. Also, they can view all their transaction history.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • The system allows users to view all the available property details easily.
  • The user can secure payments with help of smart contracts.