Automatic Pronunciation Mistake Detector

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Given the drawbacks of traditional English pronunciation correction systems, such as failure to provide timely feedback and correct learners’ pronunciation errors, slow improvement of learners’ English proficiency, and even misleading learners, it is critical to developing a scientific and efficient automatic correction system for English pronunciation errors.

Our Automatic Pronunciation Mistake Detection project is an efficient automatic correction system for English pronunciation errors. It is designed to enable students/user to improve their pronunciation skills. By using Speech recognition, pyaudio and pyttsx3, the project aims to efficiently diminish the error rate and enhance the accuracy of error detection.

This python-based project consists of 2 major modules, including User and Admin. The user would require to register first by filling in their name, age, gender, standard and username & password of their choice. The user would then need to log in to use the site.

For pronunciation detection, the user would need to select the word they want to pronounce and record it. The pronunciation mistake will be recognized by comparing the word entered and the conversion of the recorded word to text. If it doesn’t match it will give a pop-up as wrong pronunciation. The user can view the words pronounced and can hear the correct pronunciation of the word they had pronounced wrong, by clicking on the audio file. The admin has the access to view the users’ details and their pronunciation mistakes. They can also add, update, delete and view words.

In this project, Html, CSS and JavaScript are used in the front end and Python is used in the back end. The database used is MySQL and Django is used for the framework.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • The system is easy to maintain.
  • It is designed to assist learners in detecting and correcting errors in spoken English pronunciation.
  • It can detect pronunciation mistakes accurately.