Learning Disability Detector and Classifier System

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Learning disability also known as a learning disorder is best described as a condition in the brain that causes difficulties comprehending or processing information and can be caused by several different factors. There are different types of Learning Disabilities each with its own unique causes, symptoms, and treatment methods.

Every child requires education to mould how they perceive and learn about the world around them. However, children with learning disabilities often find it difficult to cope with conventional teaching methods. Due to this, they might get left behind.

Developed using Python, the Classification and Detection of Learning Disability Among Students and Personalizing Learning Materials Using ML project helps gauge the learning disability that a student is suffering from using a series of tests.

The user’s performance in each of these tests is assessed and based on the results the students are assigned exercises to help tackle their weaknesses. This system has been developed using Django Framework with Python as a programming language.

In this python-based project, there is only a user module where the learning disability will be detected and classified based on the responses and personalize learning materials accordingly.
To start the detection, a form will appear in front of the user with drop-downs. The drop-downs would include attributes which are specified in the dataset. For example, on “Age” there will be a drop-down from 10-15, 20-40, and more. The result will be presented to the user as “LD detected” and “No LD detected”.

If LD is detected, then the user will be redirected to a test page consisting of 5 types of tests: Mathematical test, Grammar test, Reading test, Memory test and Scenario test. If the user fails the tests, the system will provide exercises to the user accordingly for improvement.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The system is user-friendly.
  • The system is very helpful for solving Learning disability problems among kids.
  • It saves time and manpower as the AI does everything.