PC Control By Android Over Internet

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We usually come across areas where an admin or department or company head needs to monitor user work. This monitoring helps the authority to know about any unusual activity or any activity not supposed to be done in office premises, which is done by the employee. The interface of admin dashboard is developed in android, so that to monitor the work of employee more easily and effectively. Remote pc monitoring needs a working internet connection that too having a high bandwidth. Well such system when monitoring on a large number of PC’s proves to have a quite reasonable load on the network. Since, the system works by sending constant image snapshots of computer screen when the admin request for the same using android device. These constant image transfers from client computers to admins android phone. So, we propose an On Demand Android system that monitors a PC on authority demand.

  • Admin can check that authorized person is doing assigned work on the System.
  • Easy to monitor as now-a-days everyone has android smartphone.
  • Admin can get this on just a click.
  • Admin will get information about all systems where this is implemented.
  • Requires an active internet connection.
  • Each System should have Web-Cam and internet Connectivity
  • This android application can be used only in smart phones.

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