PC Configuration Retrieval System on Online Server

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Various software/gaming applications require exact PC configurations to run on them. Many of the PC users are non technical people who are unaware of their exact PC configuration. So for companies dealing in bulk software it becomes inefficient to manually interact with every customer and thus suggest then pc configurations and suggest the changes then need to do in order to run a particular application in their PC. Well here we propose a solution to this issue by aiming at a pc configuration retriever and configuration suggestion project. The system must first be instructed with various software /gaming applications minimum configuration suggestions. So now whenever a user wants to know whether a software/game will run properly in his PC he does not need to manually check it. The company website will consist of this application which can be downloaded and automatically executes without installation. It now asks the user about the software/game whose compatibility he needs to check with his PC. The application now scans user PC for various pC configuration data and suggests the user of the PC updating he needs to do in order run that particular system in his PC. If configuration meets the needs it suggests that his PC is fir for the application. The software also sends this data with the username to the company so that the company may later stay in contact with the user

  • The system is easy to install.
  • It will help the user know its pc is compatible with program or not.
  • It saves the user if program is not compatible with its pc.
  • This system will send information to server about user’s configuration.
  • User has to download and install it, to check its pc’s configuration is compatible for program or not.

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