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Democracy is an important matter in most modern societies. One of the most important activities in a democracy is the election of representatives. It is also a very delicate process that is subject to various disturbances, such as inactive citizens, fraud attempts, etc. The problem of voting is still critical in terms of safety and security.
We have designed an Online Voting System in Python to tackle the existing problem of elections in various spaces. It is a web-based voting system that will help to manage elections easily and securely. This voting system can be used for casting votes during elections held in universities and organizations. In this system, the voter does not have to go to the polling booth to cast their vote. They can use their personal computer for doing so. The system can be used anywhere. It is not just employed for national elections; it may also be used for any sort of elections required.

The system comprises 2 modules: User and Admin.
The admin can log in using their credentials. They will have the access to add, update, delete and view elections. They can also add candidates. They can either choose candidates from the registered users or add new ones. They can view the votes cast by the users and the winner of the elections.

The user would require to register first to access the system. They can log in using their credentials. They can manage their profile and change their passwords. The users can view both the ongoing and expired elections along with their details and candidates. For ongoing elections, the user can cast their votes and for expired elections, they can view the winners.

This system involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the front end and Python in the backend. The database used is MySQL and the framework used is Django.


  • It helps to conduct elections easily.
  • The voters can cast vote from the comfort of their homes.
  • The voters don’t have to wait in a queue to cast their votes.
  • The system works efficiently.
  • It is also less time-consuming.