Online Auction System using Python

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Trade is a tool which can increase economic growth. In current many organizations or companies make business related to sell-buy online. Normally, the online auction is a field which can increase the economic between auctioneers and bidders. To make an advancement in the mentioned field, we have introduced an Online Auction System using Python.

Our system is designed for the user so that they can easily take part in the bidding conducted online. The bidding takes place in a normal form way the people interested to buy the things placed in the auction are supposed to bid for the particular product in a particular period. The person placing the highest bid gets the right to own the item at the end of the bid. A bid is the exact amount of money offered on an item in the auction by the seller. The buyer with the highest bid is the one who finalizes the purchase of the item with the seller of the item.

The system comprises only 1 module: User.
The user would require to register first to access the system. They can log in using their credentials after registering. They can manage their profile and change the password if they want. On the Home Page, the users can view the list of ongoing auctions both conducted by others and themselves.

The user can view the list of all the ongoing auctions. They can view the product details and enter the bid. On My Application, the user can view the list of auctions on which they have made a bid. They can check the product details. They can even check the bids and their status. On My Auction, they can add, update, delete and view auctions. The user can choose the winner of their auction.

In the system, the front end involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the back end involves Python. The database used is MySQL and the framework used is Django.


  • The system will help users conduct auctions securely.
  • The users can bid on auctions from the comfort of their homes.
  • It helps to save time and money that is wasted on the physical setting.
  • The user can also be the bidder.