Online Printed T-Shirt Designing System

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Online Printed T-Shirt Designing will have registration for new Users and login for Members. This software will have Admin Login which will check for new request and orders, Member Login in which they can create customize design using wide range of Colors & Design, and can even place bulk order for the same. The system first allows users to select tshirt design. After that user may choose desired color. The net step allows users to choose designs and text to be printed on the tshirt. After user finalizes the cost of design is calculated and user may pay online for it. This Ordered T-Shirt will be delivered to their door steps. The Admin Login will accept request to check design, approve Order, and create bill.

  • Saves time of user.
  • Gets Huge Choice of Colors.
  • Gets Virtual View of T-Shirts.
  • Make it Personalized.
  • T-Shirt comes to users doorsteps.

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