Online Objective Exam Project

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The online objective exam system is an online test system that allows users to take online tests and automatically generates results based on answers marked by users. The system is to be used for various online tests conducted by schools colleges and other institutions. The system is an online application that ca be used to take tests online and get instant results. The system is designed currently for 8 subjects. It also consists of an admin module. The admin module leads to admin dashboard which is accessible through admin login. The admin dashboard allows admin to add new questions into system along with 4 options and 1 right answer. The admin may also set the time in minutes for every subject and number of questions. So now whenever user resisters he may then login using registered username password. The user is now allowed to give a test from any 8 subjects as desired. On choosing a subject the test starts and user may now tick desired answers within the time limit. After the time ends the system goes to the result page and shows users score to him.

  • Examiners get tired checking huge number of answer sheets, hence the system reduces their workload by automating the manual checking process accurately.
  • The system calculates the score and provides results instantly.
  • It removes human errors that commonly occur during manual checking.
  • The system provides an unbiased result.
  • Thus the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.
  • The system must be given proper inputs otherwise system can produce wrong results.

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