Online Crime Reporting System in Python Project

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Crime is a part of illegal activities in human life. It is quite obvious that the rate of crimes is increasing day by day in all societies across the world, but we do believe that there is a lot which can be done by both the governments and the individuals to reduce the crimes in communities. The rise of population and complex society rises the range of anti-social conducts that must be restricted by the government through the military and different organizations particularly the Police Force. There are many current crime management systems which faces several difficulties, as there is no means to report crime instantly other than phone calls, messaging or face-to-face compliant filing. Hence, Nevon Projects has proposed an online crime reporting system which allows the user to file complaints or missing reports and keep a track of it. There are 3 categories that a user can file; Complaint, Crime Report and Missing Report and can see all the status of what action has been taken by the admin. To file any of the above 3 complaints, the user should register in to the system and provide his right credentials to file them. The crime reporting system project also allows other users who doesn’t want to register but can check the crimes happening at his/her or any other area, has to just provide the pin code and in return the system displays the list of crimes if any filed. The offline i.e. the unregistered user can also take advantage of checking the missing person details, but he/she is refrained from getting complaints done by the users. The Front End of the crime reporting system is done using Android Studio and SQL serves as a backend to store books lists and inventory data. The system, has both the user as well the Admin Part, the role of admin is to just check all the 3 modules or categories and update their status likewise. This system helps the users in tracking any report filed to the law and take an advantage of reporting any complaint from anywhere bringing the whole system online.

  • The User can check the missing reports or crime without giving his credentials to the system.
  • The user is allowed to file any number of cases.
  • Admin and the user have the same App limiting the cost and size.
  • No status change reminder.
  • No email or Message Confirmation in the case or action taken.
  • Only 3 types of categories that can be filed.

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