Online Bookstore System On Cloud Infrastructure

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An online bookstore software projects that acts as a central database containing various books in stock along with their title, author and cost. This project is a website that acts as a central book store. This web project is developed using C# as the front end and sql as a back-end. Such online bookstores tend to get a large amount of online visitors. In order to provide optimal performance and avoid site crash the system needs to be hosted on a cloud infrastructure. The sql database stores various book related details. A user visiting the website can see a wide range of books arranged in respective categories. The user may select desired book and view its price. The user may even search for specific books on the website. Once the user selects a book , he then has to fill in a form and the book is booked for the user. The system thus handles a large amount of users with ease using azure based cloud infrastructure.

• Online Registration/Login.
• User registration.
• Book Inventory management.
• Book booking & availability check.
• Admin area.

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