Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative FIltering PHP

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This Online book selling websites helps to buy the books online with Recommendation system which is one of the stronger tools to increase profit and retaining buyer. The book recommendation system must recommend books that are of buyer’s interest. Recommendation systems are widely used to recommend products to the end users that are most appropriate. This system uses features of collaborative filtering to produce efficient and effective recommendations. Collaborative recommendation is probably the most familiar, most widely implemented and most mature of the technologies. Collaborative recommender systems aggregate ratings of objects, recognize commonalities between users on the basis of their ratings, and generate new recommendations.

  • This system saves the precious time of customer and very efficient to use.
  • Provides large number of choices for books & also recommend for books.
  • User can buy book easily by making online payment.
  • The system recommending algorithm scale well with co-rated items.
  • Dependent on human ratings for books.

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