Object Tracker Based on Color

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Here we come up with Color Based Object Tracking system where object is tracked based on RGB colors. Here we track objects in real time and we apply some preprocessing steps on each video frame in order to track RGB colored objects. To detect colored object we subtract RGB color components from the grayscale image and remove undesirable noise from image. To remove noise from image we had used filter. To detect objects accurately system removes all unwanted objects. Than we convert the grayscale image to binary image. We used blob analysis methodology to detect the RGB colored objects. Finally, System will display RGB colored Object in rectangular box using bounding box methodology. This system tracks all red, blue, and green colored objects and draws a bounding box around them. This system can be used for tracking various colored objects.

  • System Tracks colored objects with good accuracy.
  • Allows for tracking objects in live video.
  • Low Accuracy in low resolution camera footage
  • Low Accuracy in poor lighting conditions

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