Network Analysis With Tcp/Udp Scanning

We here propose a project that effective analyses a networking by sniffing out Tcp, Ip, Dns as well as udp packets and capturing data associated with them.
Our project aims at network analysis by scanning various Ip addresses and data associated with them. We aim to develop a system that effectively searches for ip addresses registered on network and then look for Tcp, Udp data associated with those Ip’s. An Ip packet can be identified as
Ip header Tcp header Data
This IP datagram packet incorporates in it UDP as well as TCP packet data. Now this layer in turn consists of the data sent by DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SIP, etc protocols.
Our system aims to monitor and provide Tcp Source and destination ports, Header length, window size etc for tcp packet analysis.
Also it allows us to monitor Ip packet data with various associated parameters with ease.
• Effective Lan Network sniffing mechanism.
• Ip packet tracing and monitoring on continuous basis.
• Ip header, source, destination and other data monitoring.
• Tcp header, port and associated data monitoring.
• Effective GUI for continuous monitoring of various network parameters.

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