Multi Website Advertisement Handling System

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Online ad networks like google, yahoo, adchoices etc advertise their client products and services on search as well as partner websites. So here we concentrate on partner website adposting and handling system. Partner websites are websites that consist of ads by these online advertising networks. Ad networks handle these ads on multiple websites through a sophisticated advertisement scheduling system. The system has various ads scheduled in it. It decides which ad to display on which site and for what time duration. It consists of a strong online database system to manage this entire data. Our proposed project is a simulation of multi website handling by an ad network. We here use an online sql based database for this purpose. The system server is a web based application that is used to input new ads, their schedule and also to edit details as needed. The server system stores all the needed data into the database for further scheduling. The partner websites are constantly monitored and controlled by server system for ad scheduling and updating. As soon as an ad expires the website contacts server for next ad to display. The server then processes the database to check for requirements and provides appropriate response to partner website. This system can be further enhanced by tracking clicks and conversions of advertisements.

  • Administrator will get all information about ads.
  • All ad publishers will get its dashboard to view/ edit/ add new ads
  • Publisher can check for expiring ads and even renew them on the spot.
  • Publisher will be immediately informed about expiring ads thorugh the system.
  • User has to format it a bit after it is prepared.

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