Mobile Banking Project

This mobile banking project is a J2me based project that provides various banking functionality to a user with ease on his mobile phone. It alows the user to check his/her balance, view latest transactions, transfer funds, request for check book and view check status. It even allows user to open fixed and recurring deposits. The project functionality is detailed as follows:
  • User may perform Balance Enquiry
  • User can check for the latest 5 transactions
  • User may transfer funds as required
  • User may request for check book and even check the check book status
  • User may even do a Cheque status enquiry and stop the cheque
  • User can open a fixed deposit and even a recurring deposit
  • An International money payment scheme(IMPS) details is available for display
  • User can opt for a Credit account
  • An M-Shop for displaying various products
  • E_booking
  • Bill Payment and E_payment features available
  • Another i Services page for displaying other internet services available

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