Mini Bench Saw Machine Project

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Mini Bench Saw Machine


A bench saw or table saw has long been used for woodworks and metal works. It can be used with a variety of blades to achieve various fabrication applications like cutting, polishing, dust cleaning. Table saw’s consist of electric motors that are used to drive rotating saw blades. The saw blade is mounted on an arm that can be moved to achieve desired cutting. Our system demonstrates the design and fabrication of a bench saw using our mini bench saw model that uses an electric motor with shaft to mount various blades and achieve efficient cutting. We use an arm with spring mounted pull back system for instant pullback when pressure is not applied. We design the motor shaft to achieve desired cutting by mounting various types of blades on machine. The machine has a frame bed with a cavity parallel to the blade in order to achieve full cutting when blade passes through the workpeice. The entire system is integrated and fabricated accordingly to achieve required mechanism.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Parts
  • DC Motor – Buy DC Motors Online
  • Saw Blade
  • Pull Back Spring
  • Arm
  • Bed Frame
  • Supporting Frame
  • Mounts & Fixtures
  • Advantages
  • Fast Cutting
  • Precise Cutting Results

Block Diagram

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