Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker using OCR

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This is an innovative System for any user mostly targeting the aged population as a medical helper. The user or anyone behalf of the user can enter the medicine reminders such as tablet color, name, quantity and when it should be taken with a reminder. The reminder helps the user to look into the details of tablets that he or she has to take and will also speak out the details. This is advance application where a doctor himself can enter the details for the patients helping him or her to remind the user. The System also helps the user to click picture of medicines or make use of OCR where the system will make use of the camera and print the text on the screen and the user has to tap the text to save them. The System uses Mobile Vision API for Implementing OCR. This can also be a medium of not typing the name of a medicine while using OCR instead saving lot of time. This system can be useful for a person where he has many tablets to intake. Thus the system named medical helper.

  • The System can be operated only if the user is a registered user thus securing data.
  • The System speaks out the reminders as well gives a detail about the reminder.
  • The System also implements OCR by using Mobile Vision API by Google to capture text.
  • The System doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • Since the system doesn’t use internet the data is saved offline and is phone dependent.
  • If the phone is formatted or lost the data is lost.

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