Loss Prevention System in Stock Market Trading

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Predicting Stock Market has been goal of investors since its existence. Everyday billions of dollars are traded on exchange, and behind each dollar is an investor hoping to profit in one way or another. Entire companies rise and fall daily based on the behavior of the market. Should an investor be able to accurately predict market movements, it offers a tantalizing promises of wealth and influence. The 2008 financial crisis was no different, as evidenced by the flood of films and documentaries based on the crash. Few people knew how the market worked or reacted. Perhaps a better understanding of stock market prediction might help in the case of similar events in the future.

  • Helps the users in detecting the market trend patterns and other conditions.
  • The project report contains a number of filter elements ranging as per the market trends that helps the users to analyze the registered stocks
  • The project report contains a number of shares, their prices and Volume Breakouts
  • It contains stocks that have an unanticipated rise in the business volume and a rapid rate escalation in terms of cost.
  • Requires an active internet connection.
  • May generate inaccurate results if data inputted incorrectly.

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