Location Finder App using Android Phone & Cloud Vision API

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This Location Finder Android Application is used to detect a particular location through text as well as logo. When a user clicks an image of a logo, Cloud vision API helps to extract the details from the logo and gives more details related to the logo. In this Android project, when a user tries to find the location using the logo or entering text related to the location in the text box, Cloud vision API extract details related to the logo or the entered text by taking help from google, for example if the user clicks an image of logo of MacDonald, it shows the nearby MacDonald location to user’s existing location. Cloud Vision API enables developers to understand the content of an image by encapsulating powerful machine learning models in an easy way. This app helps you to save all the details of the location you need. It can be used only in android phones.

  • More than 3 Api’s are used to get the Output.
  • Natural Language Processing is used to fetch the Name of the Place.
  • Gives the Accurate details of the Place, as it takes the Coordinates of the place as well.
  • Best way to Save a Place with all the Details – just Capture, Scan and Save.
  • If the place is not found by Google, the API won’t give any results or manually save them.
  • Active Internet Connection is Needed.
  • More time is consumed to produce result.

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