Enhanced Library Management System

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This software project is a library management software system with all the basic as well as some innovative features for managing a library(ebook mailing and expiry notification via sms). It consists of a large database of various books available in the library. It also lists various books issued to respective readers. The system keeps track of all the books readily available and also the books that have been issued to various readers the time period for which the books have been issued. The system also handles ebooks database. If the reader needs an ebook, the ebook can be directly mailed to the client email id through the system through a single click. Readers usually tend to forget the date to resubmit their library books so these books that have been issued to the reader and have reached their expiry date, an sms notification is sent to the reader automatically by the system to remind him about the book return date. Thus this innovative library management system provides an enhanced library functionality for this modern day world.

  • The system excludes the use of paper work by managing all the records electronically.
  • Administrator doesn’t have to keep a manual track of the users. The system automatically reminds both the users and the admin about the book return date via email.
  • Also the system calculates the fine levied on user so admin just have to create bill and not manually calculate.
  • Admin can keep updating the system by providing the new books arrival in library and their availability thus user need not to go to library for issuing purpose. He may order it online through this system.
  • Users don’t have visit the library for issuing the book. He can get it delivered at his place by ordering online.
  • The system has books well organized and systematically arranged in different categories in the system so that user can easily search and find the book.
  • It can provide user to download instant e-book by making secure payment.
  • Thus, it saves human efforts and resources.
  • User cannot view the book in person.
  • There is no human interaction if users have some enquiry.

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