LED display preview project

led display generator

The project consists of a software based LED display system made from C# control that displays texts as well as symbols i the same way as if it was to be displayed in a real LED matrix screen. The system can be used to provide a demo to clients before making a real LED panel according to client needs. The system allows various changes and desired modifications such as speed, pixel length, text and color combinations and provides real time view of it using image processing functions.
The project features are as follows:

  • User may set the text to display.
  • Next user is allowed to select the text moving directions.
  • After that the user may also select the text color and the background pixel color.
  • As user selects these options a real time preview of the display is generated in the system.
  • User may set speed, pixel length/shape and check the preview of the display on the go.

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