Lan Messenger Software Project

This software project consists of a Desktop Lan Messenger system that enhances communication with effective networking features in a professional environment. The Lan Messenger includes :
Text Chatting functionality: This is the normal text chatting feature that is found in almost every messaging application. It allows for one to one chat sessions and even group chat sessions on the Lan messenger.
Voice Chatting: This is a free voice chatting feature using data transfers similar to a skype calling service. This feature allows users to freely communicate to each other without any hindrance and free of cost.
Video chatting: The video chatting feature is an advanced feature which is found only in a few selected messengers. The video chatting allows for synchronized and efficient video chats using data transfers. To avoid any fluctuations in the video session, this projects uses a set of protocols for accurate and faster data transfer rate during video chat sessions.

Additional feature(Meeting manager): This is an optional feature. It is added to the software system if you need it as an advancement to the project. This features allows user to schedule online meetings over the messenger. The user may set the start time of the meetings. The meetings are scheduled by messenger system and start automatically at predefined time. The users who were included in the meeting by the meeting scheduler are automatically invited by the system as soon as the meeting starts.

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