Lan based discussion forum

Project Description:

This project facilitates conducting meetings on LAN for participants from anywhere in organization. Users can get many advantages by using Discussion Forum. It saves a lot of time by using the Discussion Forum rather than to attend the session. Our Discussion Forum will have two types of users, admin and the client. This version of Lan forum can be efficiently used as one of the It projects for students.
When a user enters in the Discussion Forum, he will be asked whether he want to join the meeting as client. Admin is the one who conducts the session, and participant is the one who attends the session.
When admin enters the meeting, he can also perform administrative functionalities. The users of Discussion Forum have different interface of the meeting, when they enter the meeting.Uses network technology to setup data and verbal communications between users. Can be used for conferencing in various official purposes. One of our efficient software engineering projects for students. It can make a good software engineering project for It and Comps students.
Lan based discussion forum

Additional Benifits:

  1. Blue book (basic introduction as per university format)
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Project Black book (complete guide of the project)


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