Java gui builder

Project Description:
A java coding interface that provides an api to write java codes. Removes syntax errors and other functionality to help you develop java code effifiently and fast.
Our proposed system aims to provide following features

    1. Java code editor (IDE)
    2. Drag & drop java components to develop java code quickly
    3. To generate java code using pseudo code


Additional free Benefits:

  1. We will divide the work of developer so that developer can concentrate on only logic part and can save his valuable time.
  2. It will have the ability just like the Visual Basic6.0 where we have one drawing board and in that area user can draw his component and as per the requirement user can fix its position on the main GUI which is extremely useful for developer.
  3. User can use the unique algorithm to generate java code very easily even though user doesn’t have full knowledge about java.

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