Improved Data Leakage Detection

Data leakage detection techniques are built for users to track if data has been leaked and the trace the sources of data leakage. Many times we come across cases where leaked data is found at unauthorized places. For example we may find sensitive data stored on an unauthorized laptop or website. At such a time it becomes important to trace the source of data leakage. For this purpose we propose an improved data leakage detection technique to trace back sources of unauthorized leakage by using a strategy of data allocation across various agents. The strategy allows user to transfer data to users by considering receivers as agents who are allocated data along with some id based undetectable alterations. These alterations allow our system to trace back the source of leaked data as soon as it is found on any unauthorized sources. In this system we propose to indentify data leakages by storing data as per agents. Our system is designed for detection of data in (.txt,.jpg &.bmp) formats.

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