Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer

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Encryption is commonly used for encryption of text as well as images. Various encryption algorithms exist for this purpose. Here we propose to build a secured image encryption algorithm that can be used to encrypt as well as send images remotely to the intended receiver. Our system can link to remote client to our software installed on remote system and connect to it for image transfer. Our system uses RSA algorithm for this purpose. User may submit his image for encryption. Our system now gets the image and converts it into hex format before being encrypted. Then we use RSA algorithm to encrypt the image for sending through the internet. User may now select the intended user from among the list of users having our software installed. Our system now send the image in an encrypted format through an active internet connection. Even if an attacker gets the file he first has to Decrypt it using proper keys which are not available to him. He then needs to decode the image into proper image format. When image reaches intended receiver he must first enter required keys. On entering the right keys the software decrypts the entire image in original format and provides it to the receiver. Thus we encrypt and securely send images over the internet using secure RSA encryption.

  • It is safe communication technique.
  • Main Advantage of this System is that other users will not know what communication is held by the 2 user.
  • RSA algorithm can hardly be cracked.
  • It will need much more memory to save encrypted messages, and to decrypt receiving messages.
  • Process takes longer time than normal communication.

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