Image Authentication Based On Watermarking Approach

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Here we come up with a system that can embed the information or file into image. We implemented this system in MATLAB. We implemented watermarking techniques to hide information in digital media. System will hide whole file information into image. Image watermarking can be used to embed the file into image and can efficiently extract back the information. We will be working with files in MATLAB such as reading or writing file. User will upload the image and will feed the information into system that will be encrypted within the uploaded image. User’s most information will remain secured. System will convert the file text to 16 bit numbers for proper calculation. System will encrypt the messages through encrypting loop. System will write the encrypted data as pixels in image. For decryption, system will read the encrypted image and will further read non encrypted image. System will convert image values into 16 bit values. Finally system will apply decrypting loop to decrypt information from image. The proposed system is implemented in MATLAB. System will output the result in text file

  • User can upload image with any image format
  • Message will remain secured
  • There is no secret key concept in this methodology

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