Housing Society Management Project

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A housing society management and billing project that effectively manages and handles all the functioning of a cooperative housing society. The software system can store the data of various flat owners and their family members along with their images. The system also maintains and calculates the society maintenance as well as parking, cultural funds, emergency funds and other charges and adds them automatically in individual flat bill. The system needs an administrator to input various flat owner data and billing amounts into it. The rest of the work is done by the system on its own. The system consists of automatic bill generation facility. It calculates various associated costs, adds them up and provides a bill accordingly. Get the housing society management system project at NevonProjects.

  • It helps the society secretary to handle and manage flat owners data.
  • It helps them manage society funds.
  • It brings transparency and efficiency in the working of housing societies.
  • The system can only handle single society.
  • The system does not include bank payment, dd, cheque status.

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