General Task Allocation and Auction Community System

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This online task auction system is basically to employ people and make the employment process easier, by just sitting at home people can auction the task and get the work done. We don’t need to go out and search for work. Users can get the work done with high quality on cheap price. When the user uploads the task, he/she gets many quotations from different users for the following work. He/she can choose the best from the following quotations. This can lead to easy employment and work is done easily by just sitting at home and uploading respective task. In this task posting system user needs to register to get Login Id and password. With the use of login id and password users can get logged into the system. After logging in user can upload task, he/she can also view the task uploaded by others and can also auction the following task. In this task auction system task has an end date provided by user, till the end date user can send their quotations. And till the end date user can receive quotations. This is how it becomes easy to get work just by sitting at home and logging in to the task auction network community system.

  • Easy to get work.
  • Easy to find quotation for the desire work.
  • It needs active internet connection.

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