Friendly Map Android Application for Disabled People

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The disabled people have difficulties in accessing various facilities. They cannot easily move due to the discriminatory manner buildings were built. Visually impaired people would have difficulties in finding bus stops as not every bus stop has guiding tracts and not every bus has the facility to provide a slope for people on the wheelchair to get on and off the buses. Minibuses and trams do not have audible announcement system and mostly make use of stairs, which causes inconvenient for people with impaired vision, hearing or walking impairment. Some MTR stations are not equipped with or only have one lift or lifting platform for people on the wheelchair. Sometimes wheelchair person doesn’t get the proper location and they might reach somewhere else. This friendly map android application will help disabled people to find the way on their own just by speaking up in the phone. This android application will ask for the desired place where the person wants to reach and guides navigation by speech to the person. If the student is visually impaired the map can save all details about that particular college and guide the student by navigating to reach the college, classroom floor, library, etc.

  • This system will help disabled people to find their way on their own just by speaking up in the phone.
  • The map can save all details about the particular college.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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