FM Management Software Project

This is and Fm/Radio station management software system that is one of the Fm related software’s used to keep track of which song is to be played next, which radio jockey has to perform from what time to what and which ads are to be played in between. The system is used to keep track of all the shows and the task timeline for the entire day. The system shows this notification’s as soon a task is completed and reminds the user about which show is scheduled next. The FM software system is a robust software solution for Fm/Radio stations. The system also keeps track of employee salaries of the people working in the Fm station.

The following are the detailed features of this system:

  • Login form – User needs to login before entering the system.
  • Schedule creation – User can now create the schedule for a day by entering the data for a particular day.
  • Schedule notification – User is now prompted for every activities scheduled for the particular day as soon as the next activity is about to start.
  • Salary Maintenance – User may also check and update various employee details and their salary structure.

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