Flutter Based Online Helpdesk System

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A helpdesk or customer service is an essential part of any service company. Good customer service and support will assist the company in retaining and retaining customers. Customers are becoming accustomed to using applications as technology, the internet, and applications advance. It is critical for service companies to participate in the development of a good helpdesk system. Good service will improve service quality, which will impact customer loyalty.

The online helpdesk system supports the customer service system in terms of customer satisfaction, complaints, and self-solving problems. As a result, the company saves a lot of time in serving customers, saves money by eliminating phone charges due to customer complaints and questions, and provides self-service for customer satisfaction. This project is written in Dart and is based on the flutter framework. Dart is a programming language that Google developed and keeps up with. A cross-platform framework for building high-performance mobile apps is called Flutter.

In this system, the admin can log in to the system using a username and password. And if they are new to this application then the user has to register to log in. Admin has the authority to add, update, delete and view all the members for Helpdesk. The admin can view all the new requests issued by the users and accept and reject them. They can assign the task to his help desk team members after viewing all the accepted issues. The issues that have been resolved will be automatically removed from the list. The admin can view all completed requests as well as users’ feedback.

The user can submit a request with a detailed description of the problem. They can view all previous issue requests that they have submitted. Users will be able to view the current status of their requests and the user can filter results by date, ID, or status. When a request is completed, the user can provide feedback. The help desk representative will be able to view all the tasks admin assigned by the admin. They can view all of their completed tasks. The help desk can filter results by date and user ID.


  • It is a general-purpose application.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It is easy to maintain.