Bone Fracture Detection using Python

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Nevon Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Python
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The human body contains a lot of bones. The ability to move the body is provided by bone. The human body frequently experiences bone fractures. The X-ray image is used by the doctors to identify the fractured bone. The normal technique takes time and requires expertise. Patients suffer terrible consequences when a fracture is missed.

The manual fracture detection method takes a long time and has a high chance of error. Therefore, it is necessary to create an automated system to identify the fractured bone. This project was written in Python using the Decto-Python library, which makes use of the PyTorch model. With the help of the Python package Detector. The system can identify major and minor bone fractures. Based on the type of fracture, this system involves fracture detection.

Nowadays, bone fracture is a common issue brought on by traffic accidents, an unhealthy lifestyle, and numerous other factors. The human body depends on bones to move and take on shape. A minor bone fracture impairs the bone’s ability to function normally, which has an impact on the person’s ability to move freely. Human bones commonly fracture. There are numerous methods to find out shatters. If there is a suspicion X-rays are the main method used to determine whether a patient has a fracture when they present to emergency rooms. X-ray recognition economical fracture treatment.

Here, the user uploads the image file and the system will show a fractured area as highlighted. The user can view the hospital to consult an Orthopedic surgeon. The admin can view all the users and manage bone fracture hospitals by adding, updating, and deleting patients.


  • Efficient use of image processing.
  • Automated Fracture Detection.
  • This system will ease the work of orthopedics.