Fingerprint Authenticated Secure Android Notes

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This System is Simple but a smart application used to secure notes via Finger Print Authentication. This System can also be referred as Keyless Authentication unlike traditional way where it needed a password to enter. This System doesn’t have any Registration but only the owner of the phone can access these notes as it searches for the owners print. This System can be used as private notes or personal diary or important notes; can be given multiple names but plays a similar role of recording notes and keeping it away from everyone then the phones owner. If there is no Biometric feature on the phone, this app can’t be used. The user can add new notes, edit old notes as well as delete notes. The Front end used is Android Studio and the Back end used is SQLite. Biometric Authentication is the highest level of security any Phone can offer making it very accurate and very secure.

  • No Internet Needed.
  • Only the owner can access the notes.
  • No Limit in number of notes.
  • No Registration.
  • Runs only on Build in Biometric phones.

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