Faulty Product Detection And Separation System

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All product manufacturing units need to have a faulty product detection and separation system in order to maintain product quality and maintain a good reputation. So here we demonstrate such a system using a mini conveyer belt system. We propose to design and fabricate a faulty product detection and separation mechanism. Each product is different and thus has different mechanisms to detect faulty products. Here we detect faulty products based on product size. We use a sensor to detect each product height as products move over a conveyer belt. A defected product with height lower than minimum limit will be automatically detected as it moves on a conveyer belt and separated by a conveyer arm. Here we use rollers and rubber belt to develop a mini conveyer belt mechanism. This mechanism is operated by a motor. We use a proximity to detect product height and products with less than minimum height are detected as faulty products. The system uses a pneumatic cylinder mechanism using valves to separate the faulty product over the belt.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Parts
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Pneumatic Pipes
  • Valves
  • Motor
  • Shaft
  • Rollers
  • Supporting Frame
  • Joints & Fixtures
  • Screws & Bolts
  • Advantages
  • Automated Process
  • Instant Separation
  • Automated Quality Maintenance

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