ERP System For Institutes

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Engineering and medical institutes usually have a number of departments and courses. Managing all these department and course data manually is a very tedious, ineffective and expensive task. So here we propose an ERP system for institutes. We aim to provide entire examination section along with faculty dashboard and training placement department in this system. Our system firstly consists of student database needed by faculty as per their requirement. The system allows to input student attendance into the database which can later be viewed by concerned faculties and students. The students may view their personal attendance and assignment submission data through a separate student login. The examination allows authorized logins to insert update timetables. The time table is then available to be viewed on the web portal. The system also allows to manage the training and placement department. Here students may view latest vacancies and the admin may post vacancies as per criteria of selection. We design this system for 8 semesters for a particular department.


  • Admin Login: The system will be under sole control of an admin. Admin can add or remove resources from the system and can even maintain a record of the resources available, supplied and demanded.
  • Faculty Login: Each faculty has a login, allowed to view details of student under his/her guidance.
  • Adding Exam TimeTable: Authorized faculty is allowed to add edit exam time tables.
  • Timetable storage and View: The time table inserted or updated may then be viewed by anyone visiting the portal.
  • Student Attendance: The system allows to store student attendance data and also view the data as per search.
  • Vacancies: The system allows authorized persons to post new job vacancies and students may view those vacancies from their login section.

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