Employee Transport Management System Project

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Pickups and drop-offs are an essential service that organisations provide transport for employees. If not managed well, it can be a problem rather than being a solution. The Employee transportation solution will provide an application platform to organise all the pick and drop related services. The employee transport service application to be designed, will provide a smooth flow of services between the admin and the users, where the admin will be the management of an organisation and the user will be the employees. The admin panel needs to login into the application, the admin will have many functions by which he/she can modify the pick-ups and drop-offs related services. These functions include add driver where he can add the driver, add vehicle where he can add vehicles to the employees, Admin can view bookings and manage time slot. On the other end, the employee’s first needs to register into the system by filling up basic registration details. After successful registration, employee can login by using their login credentials. Once the user logs in into the system, he/she can view available time slots and employee can select a time slot according to their shift timings. All these features will provide a hassle-free pick and drop management system for an organisation.

  • Easy access to the data
  • The new system is more user-friendly, reliable and flexible.
  • Data alteration is easy.
  • Maintenance of the project is easy.
  • Reduced manual work.
  • Timely Report generation.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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