Employee Performance Evaluation For Top Performers & Recruitment

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The productivity and profitability increase of a company depends on the performance of the employees. Performance of the employee depends on ability of the employee. In existing system, employee’s behaviors are monitored by the superior so that employees can perform well in their work. This will increase the effort of the superior. Our proposed system mentions that the performance of the employee is based on personality traits of the employees. Our system will investigate personality traits from top ten best performers of the company and will use these personality traits of the employee for new hiring criteria for future hiring program to improve the employee’s performance which in return increase company’s productivity and profitability. Our project is for the IT sector employees. Performances of the employees are evaluated for some period. From that, 10 best Performers are selected and their personality traits are evaluated and the values for each parameter were established for top employees and stored in database. This data are used for hiring new employees. If the personality traits of the interviewee match with the personality traits of the 10 best performers of the company than that employee will provide more productivity to the company. This system will help short listing of better employees from the start.

  • This system will help to short list better employee from the start.
  • This system will help the superior to concentrate on other important work rather than monitoring the performance of the employees which will in turn reduce the effort of the employees.
  • This system will help to reduce the selection process while hiring new employees for the firm.
  • New hiring is done based on the evaluation of personality traits of 10 best performers of the firm which will help to hire better employee.
  • If an interviewee personality does not match with the personality of 10 best performers of the company but he has the ability to perform well, company will not short list this person due to his personality traits.

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